Living the 'lux' with our Electrolux

Malou and I thought hard and prayed hard when we bought this Electrolux washing machine three years ago from SM Appliance Center in SM MegaMall. They offered a buy one-get-one-(the electric dryer)-half-off deal that I couldn’t pass up. It was the priciest conjugal item we bought since tying the knot in 2007. It turned out to be one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. How? Getting a “Wash N’ Fold” laundromat service to do our 15 kilos per week load and paying Php25/kilo would be over and above the amount right now of the cost of our Electrolux washer and dryer. Now, I haven’t included the gas and mileage of picking up and dropping off our clothes at the laundromat. That’s just our clothes!

On top of that value, we turned their 5.5kg machine into a money-earning appliance to supplement our family’s income. We wash my co-workers’ clothes that weighs a total of 40 kilos per week.

I’m already thinking of getting a new machine and perhaps even getting a bigger washer and dryer to accommodate the slowly but increasing demand. So for those of you who think Electrolux is just a vacuum machine company then think again because these appliances have helped us tremendously in our busy family life.

Up until now, this workhorse hasn’t given us a headache and it’s still serving us faithfully. By studying these options, we’re definitely better consumers.

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