Hola! got the Best Mexican Taste

I’ve been to Chili’s, Mexicali, Army Navy, TGIF, and nothing comes close to the taste of Mexican food like Hola! This tiny kiosk along the food stalls of SM Supermarket, SM MegaMall (Hey Mandaluyong peeps!) offers the tastiest, close-to-the-original Mexican dishes on-the-go in Metro Manila. The rice used in their burrito (Php68! only – biggest size) is bursting with just the right flavor. The soft and hard shell tacos are great not just in my mouth but also for my budget. The salsa (Php8 only!), though placed in a small catchup container, has the right tomato sweetness (not spicy) that does the Mexican Hat Dance in my mouth. I actually buy three just to eat it – for real!

I wouldn’t mind going there every time I have that Mexican crave because the prices are muy bien (very good). If you are in SM Megamall or a huge fan of Mexican food, be different and stroll by Hola! and be treated with much felicidad (happiness) and you’ll end up eating muchos gusto (happy).

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