Super 8 is a Great Budget-mate

(This is my experience with Super 8. Not a paid advertisement)

Move over Puregold, SM Hypermart, and S&R cause here comes Super 8 Grocery Warehouse. Here are four reasons why this new player will blow out competition.

1. Super 8 offers competitive prices – I run a tiny retail store and I know from comparing one receipt to the other.

Save more and get more at Super 8

2. Negocho VISA card – Super 8 Negocho card has a VISA logo on it. It means the points you earn here can be used to buy stuff OUTSIDE their stores. That perks me up!

See the VISA logo? Now that is what I call value!

3. Easy to earn points – Just this July – I earned 100 points for shopping accumulated receipts worth Php10,000.00. I think Super 8 knows that other loyalty cards give users a hard time getting points. Imagine, Php250.00 = one point. That’s 60% less!

4. Easy to use points – Within days, Super 8’s Negocho VISA card turns your points to peso credits. Compared to one warehouse store,  you need to undergo a process like signing up a form just to claim your points. That’s shopping inconvenience.

Super 8 Catalog: Packed with sensible deals

Super 8 is fast becoming a love brand to me because of the logic and experience I got from shopping here. I enjoy Super 8, because of these: They offer sensible deals that, in return, makes shoppers want to earn those points; Their Negocho card (The VISA logo, is a clincher deal for me), and of course, the low price that allows consumers to want to buy more of the same item. If Super 8 continues to offer more exclusive discounts to shoppers (or retailers like me!) then this grocery warehouse can count on my support for a very long time. Shopping here makes you better consumers. Click here to experience Super 8 today!

6 thoughts on “Super 8 is a Great Budget-mate

  1. EVA Metal Fabrication



    1.Name of Company: EVA METAL FABRICATION
    Owner/Operator: Mr. Eden V. Versoza
    Type of Organization: Stainless Fabrication/Ducting Installer

    2.Office Address: 2525 Onyx St. San Andres Manila
    Telephone Number: 563-3822
    Cellular Phone Numbers: 0918 3675142 / 0916 6636127
    E-mail Address: evametal
    Tax Identification No.: 255-299-714-000

    3.Registrations/Accreditations/Compliance Certificates/etc.:

    Government Agency Document Issued Reference No. Date Issued
    DTI 15 october 2007 00244644 15 October 2007
    Buss. Permit Jan. 2012 2012 -43698 Jan. 2012
    SSS – 0366205099 –

    4.Number of Regular Employees:

    1.Management ____1____
    2.Supervisory ____2____
    3.Technical ____4____
    4.Non-Technical/Administrative ____6____

    TOTAL ____12___

    EVA Metal Fabrication was established last March 2005 and is
    wholly owned by Mr. Eden V. Versoza. His company are specialized in
    installation of finest quality stainless such as;

    1.Kitchen Equipment/Restaurant Equipment
    1.1 Sink
    1.2 Table
    1.3 Low Presssure & High Pressure Burner
    1.4 Hood and Filter
    1.5 Bain Marie/Warmer
    1.6 Griddle
    1.7 Griller
    1.8 Salamander
    1.9 Grease Trap
    1.10 Ice Bin
    1.11 Deep Fat Fryer
    and other Kitchen Equipment

    2.Railings/Entrance Canopy


    4. Duct Works (Stainless G.I. sheet, B.I. sheet)
    4.1 Exhaust Ducting
    4.2 Fresh-air Ducting

    5. Laboratory Equipment (Stainless Steel 316)
    5.1 Stainless cabinet
    5.2 Sink
    5.3 Shelves
    5.4 Designs
    5.5 Railings
    5.6 Utility Rack
    5.7 Tubular Hanger
    and other hospital use

    6.Gas Line (Stainless, G.I. pipe, B.I. pipe)
    6.1 High Pressure
    6.2 Low Pressure

    7.Other Services
    7.1 Cleaning of Hood Canopy
    7.2 Cleaning of Burners
    7.3 Re-finish of Stainless Equipment


  2. Matagal ng expired ang negosyo card ko, d ko agag na renew kc naging busy ako s work, nung nakaroon nman ako ng time pra I renew ang card ko sb nila kinuha lahat ng RCBC mga names n member s negosyo card pero hanggang ngyon dipa na renew ang negosyo card kahit gustong gusto ko ng magkaroon ng bagong negosyo card.


    1. I suggest you get your Negocho card by RCBC and get your points. What I like about shopping in Super 8 are the freebies, which other stores never give so I continue to support Super 8.


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