Oohlala for Ulalam!

New Paksiw Kong Giliw, Whatta Caldereta, and Byaheng Bicol Express

Sounds cheesy? I don’t care because I’m enjoying these new products for lunch. It not only saves me money but it also serves me real food that I don’t consider garbage or leftovers. Ulalam came out with two new flavors that I will definitely enjoy. Whatta Caldereta and Paksiw kong Giliw will do the dance for joy in my mouth when I take them for lunch or even dinner – anywhere, any place. The easy-to-open, foil pouch provides the flexibility to fit these items in a tall, heat-resistant drinking glass. As always, I can open one up after a quick conversation with friends or as little as five minutes.

Since its introduction, all I buy for lunch are a half-cup rice to make sure I get more flavors in my mouth.

If you haven’t tried these products, grab one today (Php15 only!) and take my challenge!

I wouldn’t be spending my time promoting something I’m not paid for nor I’m enjoying on my table. Ulalam, you just completed my year!

Read my first post about Ulalam here.

Ulalam is beginning to be noticed more




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