Look what I got From Super 8 Today!

No kidding! All these detergent pouches will sure be useful.
I never felt so rewarded unlike other supermarket places where all you get are points that’s deposited in your card. What’s so cool about that? Super 8 has that too and more! It has a VISA logo on it, which I can use to purchase items OUTSIDE their store. So who’s the winner? Me!
Anyway, I only have these words of praises from this new discount store that’s mushrooming around Makati, Mandaluyong, and other places in the metropolis that you need visit.

Anything free is good!

By the way, they put premium in shopping items you get from ‘em like free Head and Shoulders Sachet inside a pack of H&S and discounted premiums from Pepsi Cola and much more.

To avail this product – visit Super 8 today and purchase Php1,000 worth of groceries so you can take home one 10-pc pack of Champion’s Todo Powder Pack.
So don’t wait another minute before the busyness of the holiday season kicks in. Super is new in the market but it’s playing its cards like a veteran.
(THIS IS NOT A PAID ADVERTISEMENT, mind you! I just want to help consumers like me who want to save more.)

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