Piso Economy, When all Else Fails

Aside from installing a white flood light to illuminate my store, I realized that what kept my store afloat weren’t the big ticket items like the 1.5L sodas like Coke and Pepsi or my laundry stuff like Tide, Surf, and Champion detergent powders and soap but the peso items inside my store. Literally, my peso-a-pop items like Happy, Hi-Ho, Chiquito Peanuts, my one-peso snack items like Ri-Chee, Kobi, and a lot of non-popular items, my frozen Jelly Sticks, and candies that kept kids coming back for more.

Why pay five to six pesos, get these for just one peso

For the longest time since I’ve been supplying my store when it opened in 2008, I could never get more people to buy from it more than I want them to. I tried adding new stuff but people don’t really buy from me just to buy my new items – no.  It’s what people could afford at the lowest, affordable price that kept foot traffic high in my store and without hurting their budget.

My market wants variety and it doesn’t stop there. They want it cheap and when I say cheap, they don’t go for unbranded stuff. They want something they can trust also – for one peso! It’s a hard market to target but what can I do when I’m just one of the four stores that operate in a location where kids play in the street all day. It’s plurality. We offer almost the same things but what people buy from me is reliability. They know that in nine out of ten times, they could always depend on the store for items they need, when they need it, as it is needed.

A fraction that adds to my business

It’s school year already and once again parents are saving up more. It’s only good that I offer smaller ticket items – smaller bottled water, smaller sardine or tuna can items, so that people can still be able to buy the things they needed.  That’s one way you can continually win customers on top other factors I learned along the way.

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