Super 8 to end VISA Privileges?

See the VISA logo? Now that is what I call value!

I got word yesterday, not from my suking Super 8 Shaw friends, that the new wholesale store player has done several changes with its privilege card. To name a few…

  1. Replaced partnership with UnionBank with RCBC
  2. Points redeemed can no longer be spent outside Super 8 stores
  3. You can ‘reload’ your privilege card by depositing money via RCBC bank
  4. Transition starts in July

It is sad that this privilege of being able to spend the points you earned inside the store to other stores will end. It is an edge that Super 8 has that no other stores have done. To me, it is one advantage that truly rewards loyal customers who buy their daily, weekly, monthly grocery items from the store.  The idea is radical and I believe the failure to promote this feature and engage customers to use this new card feature boils down to failure in communications, failure in marketing.

By using points earned inside the store, Super 8 will be losing its edge over SM Advantage Card (SMAC) whose dominance hinges on a variety of partners who can give SMAC holders more reasons to get points and use their points in SM stores.

SMAC is a very good privilege card, there’s not just a worthy competitor who can give customers an alternative card who can truly win – not just their hearts – but their pockets as well. I’m all for giving customers more value. So why end it?

2 thoughts on “Super 8 to end VISA Privileges?

  1. Paano ko makokontak si Ms. Rhea regarding sa super 8 card ko?Tumawag kasi sya sakin before pero d nya ko nakausap..pinapa-call back nya ko pero nawala yung number na iniwan nya sakin..I dont know her full name..Nacurious lang ako bakit ako kelangan tumawag sa kanya..sana matulungan nyo ko!thanks in advance!


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