Nestle's Kimy is a 'Fakey'

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The truth shall set the consumer free. Nestlé Ice Cream (Philippines) bungled their lies when they came out with an ice cream stick called ‘Kimy’. The said ice cream product manufacturer claimed that this product does not contain, “Artificial Food Colors” but after checking the ingredients, New In The Market found out that Kimy is not telling us the truth afterall.

What is that “Food Colors” found at the back of the ingredient? I thought they said that their ice cream is all true and nice but we later found out that we’re being ‘fed’ lies. No pun intended says New In The Market – and that’s the truth.

By the way, the ice cream contain Hydrogenated Coconut oil, which Wikipedia says contain Trans Fatty Acids that is bad for your blood vessels. It clogs it. Beware!

Bottomline: This product is New In The Market but why put a claim that you’re not to begin with. Kimy Ice Creams are colorful and targets children – boys in particular. Did Nestlé Philippines think it can get away with it? As Better Consumers, it is better for us to buy commercial food that claims the truth. Let the consumer be the judge and the decision-maker.

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