Lucky Me Tries to be Salt-Free

Fresh off the factory
Fresh off the factory

New in the Market! Monde Nissin, makers of Lucky Me instant noodles and canton is trying to win health-conscious consumers with their “LITE Beef na Beef Flavor” noodle soup category. Lucky Me is the perceived leading brand of Instant Mami Noodles in the Philippine market today.

We all know that processed food contains a lot of preservatives, additives, and sodium so this is a welcome thing! What annoyed me, though, is the conflicting explanation found behind its new and attractive packaging. At the bottom left part, Lucky Me tries to explain why they came up with a ‘LITE’ version of their famous Beef noodle product  but on the second paragraph, they said how important salt is in the body?


It made me feel good why we have a ‘healthier’ version of the noodles and then explain the “nutritional value and importance of salt in the body”? It would’ve been good for Lucky Me to just encourage more people to try the new product but having to explain two conflicting statements is the worst.

We all know what salt does to the body but having it written like that is like Lucky Me telling me this: Hey, we got this new, healthier Lucky Me product that is healthy for you because it contains 30% less salt. But you know what, salt is also good for you because it maintains water in your body, which is  it essential in maintaining hydration, etc. etc in your body so yeah, our other Lucky Me products have HUGE amounts of salt so it’s okay whichever product we have for you that you can try.”

No pun intended, Lucky Me, but take this with a grain of salt:  It’s the worst and hysterical explanation yet in product labels I’ve seen. The copy they have there reads “INSECURITY” all over it. It’s too insecure about getting their other Lucky Me products’ appeal jeopardized just because the others contain TOO MUCH SALT. Yes, it does feel like they were so careful in crafting their words that it came out, as I always like to put it, “contrived.”

Enough said. Packaging wise – it is indeed appealing and the Matte finish is a good breakaway from their standard glossy and ‘plasticky’ packaging.

About its taste, I’ll give it a review for another time.

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