SM, Puregold: Big is Beautiful?

Is SM Supermarket and Puregold in the business of providing more infrastructures than building their core strength by providing better products and services to customers? It seems so. If what the author suggests in its article showing readers that one has more stores than the other then I think SM Supermarkets and Puregold are losing the purpose of their purpose for existing and it’s making me sick.

As a consumer, I don’t care if Puregold has one more wholesale store than the other. I don’t care if one has a solid hold on the market than the other. All I care about  are what they’re providing consumers: Are they giving better choice products and services? Are they giving customers outstanding customer service? Are they developing systems in better delivering their goods and services?

Being huge is not all that pretty
Being huge is not all that pretty

I haven’t heard of any improvements both are endeavoring in except for SM’s MOB campaign or the “My Own Bag” campaign, which is their advocacy to recycling by offering recycled, fiber-material bags that shoppers can buy, use over and over instead of using plastic ones. Incentives to customers? None. It’s just an environment campaign that attributes its success through non-stop “Save the Environment” advocates’ campaigns.  In fact, these two Supermarket Giants haven’t come up with substantial promotions that will keep consumer loyalty to the highs. Thanks to continuous hunger pangs and wants, customers just go to either of these two because there’s no other choice to go to. And this is insulting consumers. Aside from bigger space and more outlets, can they honestly say they’re offering customers a better choice?

I challenge stockholders of these companies to tell the management of these two to shape up more and improve services: Credit Card terminals are so slow, prices of items are higher than the cost of goods found in stores like Robinsons Supermarket or Super 8, and customers (or I) don’t really feel they’re (we’re) cared about by any of these two entities.

If BIG is all they want then go ahead but it’s no longer cute and consumers will know down the road that what they’re doing is no longer funny and SM Supermarket and Puregold will find themselves fat and unhealthy.

This is in reaction to a story published in the

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