IATA Cites Asia's Increased Air Traffic Volume in 2012

Airlines Art Crossroads HostelThe International Air Transport Association (IATA) recently revealed that Asia Pacific Airlines experienced more demand in air travel. Carriers in Asia Pacific experienced a 6.2% year-on-year growth and attributed this growth mostly in China where domestic travel was up, however, the same report stated that, “‚Ķemerging markets in particular continued to perform well, and capacity increased 3.1% compared to a year ago.”

This means that more Asians are traveling elsewhere within or outside the region. It also means that emerging markets like The Philippines is recognized for the potential for inbound and outbound flights simply because of a growing economy making more Filipinos empowered to travel elsewhere.

Domestic tourism will reap the benefits from this report signaling more business opportunities from a huge influx of tourists coming from different parts of the country and outside the nation.

IATA is an organization of Commercial and Freight Airlines whose main purpose, according to Wikipedia, is to “represent, lead, and serve the airline industry”. IATA is also responsible for price setting of international airfares.

This is in response to a news alert NEW IN THE MARKET received from ASIA TRAVEL TIPS.

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