What Happened to Sandwich Guy?

Me and my wife ate at Sandwich Guy, SM Megamall branch yesterday after a long time. I was shedding more pounds because of a need but I didn’t know that the deli kiosk will also be shedding their quality.
I ordered their Tuna sandwich and my wife, Mushy Bacon sandwich, my son, Pasta Carbonara. My verdict:
Tuna Sandwich: Thin filling, more of the sandwich, less of the meat
Pasta Carbonara: Thin sauce, more pasta
Mushy Bacon: Better but with the disappointing two I ordered, this didn’t weigh much good points for me.
What happened to Sandwich Guy? When I discovered this place, I thought Subway will close for good because of the fat filling it gives its customers. To experience this from a place that built so much reputation on being a worthy challenger to any other Deli in our market today, I’d say it was disappointing and to think their prices were lesser before and more affordable than today – I, the customer, should be given/receive the same quality of meal that I paid for.

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