10+ Ways to Reduce Cost of Electricity Bills

It's a pain how much we have to pay this month
It’s a pain how much we have to pay this month

Meralco has said it. They’ll raise electricity rates by as much as (or even more!) PhP3.00 in December 2013. This is to give way to mandatory maintenance of the Malampaya Natural Gas Power Plant that helps run turbines that create electricity. Tips to reduce cost of your monthly electricity bills:

• Defrost your refrigerator if you haven’t for months on end
• Declutter your refrigerator, trash unwanted food, put dry food in one container, don’t stuff you ref for better cold circulation
• Plan your food better and open your ref methodically every time

Hot and Cold
• If you have heated water dispenser, unplug it this month, use percolator
• Maximize use of freshly cooked rice, heat leftover food using rice cooker
• Use shower heaters sparingly this month. If you have time, warm up by doing some calisthenics.
• Get a Coleman cooler to cool and store drinks in it. Buying ice is cheaper than paying electricity this month, believe me.

Power Strips make it easier to "unplug" unused appliances
Power Strips make it easier to “unplug” unused appliances

Power Outlets
• Charge your phones in the morning, avoid wasting energy once your phones are charged
• Unplug any appliances you’re not using like turned off television, stereos, electric fans, A/Cs, and more

Air Condition Units
• Use your Aircon’s timer. I run it for two hours only. The weather’s cold any way
• Use electric fans instead of A/Cs
• For parents, invite your kids to your room and sleep there to save on A/C power
• It’s colder these days, open windows if possible and don’t use the A/C
• Clean the filter of your air-conditioner

I have no illusions that some of these tips are easy. In fact, it’s hard to some of you. It’s not your normal way of doing things and it requires an amount of effort. To some, it’s a way of changing lifestyle, however, this is an opportunity to put more money in our pockets for better use tomorrow.

If you will do these tips, please share with us your experience what you benefited from it. Have a nice day.



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