Mang Juan’s Krispy Liempo versus Marty’s Baconette Strips

NITM Mang Juan BlueThe Junk Food Snack industry is fierce.  Jack N’ Jill, makers of Mang Juan lines of snacks, recently released a new line of salty-flavored snacks: Krispy Liempo ni Mang Juan. This new line of Mang Juan is out to challenge Oishi’s Marty’s Baconette Strips, their pork-line of salty snacks in the market. Let’s see how it fares shall we?

Packaging: I like the energy that this packaging gives. It actually improved a lot since it launched its previous lines of Chicharon ni Mang Juan and the Shingalingaling ni Mang Juan. The colors were bland and that didn’t go well when it was first launched. This time, the use of Orange and Blue blended well with the “youthful” and “savory” image it wants to portray. (1 point, Mang Juan)
Appearance: Aha! I remarked because the chips looks exactly like Baconette Strips and that took fire away from Mang Juan’s originality. I started to imagine eating Baconettes instead of Mang Juan’s snack. (1 point, Marty’s Baconette Strips)
Taste: I could only taste salt, some flavoring but some more salt. What’s is this again? (1 point, Marty’s Baconette Strips)
Flavor: Does it taste like Liempo? What does it mean by Krispy Liempo? Just because you’re offering pork-flavored snack doesn’t mean that you can just come up with any imaginative seasoning to come up with a Liempo-flavored snack. The challenge with having a snack flavored like Liempo is that you have to distinguish what kind of Liempo you are tasting. What is the flavor of Liempo? That is hard to distinguish. If they came out with Liempo with Calamansi-flavored, perhaps the tanginess of Liempo with Calamansi will come out more. (1 point, Marty’s Baconette Strips)
Accessibility: I bought this Mang Juan in Super 8 but when I went to the nearby Puregold Shaw store, I couldn’t see both variants, only the blue one. I remember Baconette Strips when it was launched; it was immediately and abundantly available. A lesson they learned in the past when they launched their Marty’s line of “Vegetable Chicharon” and people scrambled to get one because of it innovation. (1 point, Marty’s Baconette Strips)

After Chicharron, Shingalingaling, and Chick'n Skin, comes Krispy Liempo two variants
After Chicharron, Shingalingaling, and Chick’n Skin, comes Krispy Liempo two variants

Overall Score
With a score of 1 against 4 of Marty’s Baconette Strips, I can say innovation and flavor won it for the latter. I cheer on Mang Juan for attempting to do battle with Oishi’s Marty’s Baconette Strips but it should come out with a different product altogether to erase any comparison with Marty’s. The exact appearance of its fried snacks versus Baconette Strips and having a Liempo flavor, is not the way to go in dislodging Marty’s off the top especially when the look and taste of Bacon is more distinguishable. The overpowering saltiness of the product didn’t do well for me especially in the category of ‘Junk food’. To improve this line of product, Mang Juan should stop thinking about confusing the market by going after the ‘similar’ approach and go for something unique: Make this chips look bigger because it’s replicating the Liempo look or maintaining its duo-tone of browns but making the shape appear like chopped Liempo. Creativity is a must in grabbing a share of the market so let’s try again Mang Juan but yes, maintain the spirited approach of your packaging, it’s looks way better than Marty’s.


2 thoughts on “Mang Juan’s Krispy Liempo versus Marty’s Baconette Strips

  1. Hi! I would first like to say, your junk foods are amazing.
    Anyway, I am a high school student in Cebu who is conducting an Investigatory Project about using junk food wrappers as the reflectors for a solar cooker. I would like to inquire the components you have in your Marty’s junk food wrapper. What are the percentages of your aluminium (if there are any), and all the other elements? Thank you so much! And I hope you can reply as soon as possible for our IP only has a limited amount of time. This is really critical for our grade. So, thank you in advance! 🙂

    yours truly,
    Marini Fernandez


    1. Interesting project. Thanks for the comment, Marini, but we’re a blog that reviews consumer goods. I’ll forward your message to Liwayway Marketing Corporation – makers of Oishi goods. If you want to call them, please contact this number: (02) 844 8441. More power and God guide you to the success of your project.


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