Epson: Long on Sucess but Short On…

Epson Ink CartridgesAre you an Epson color-printer user? Have you ever noticed how fast your ink cartridge runs out even though you haven’t printed enough color work from these cassettes? Each charge cost around PhP450 x 4 cartridges = Pain in the wallet.

Back in 2007 when my wife and I were preparing for our wedding day, we made our entire 150+ invitations out of an Epson Photo Stylus Printer.  I only used up three to four cartridges per color. We printed the invites, the name cards, personalized wedding vows, and signboards, however, I only printed no more than fifteen letter-size color outputs from these cartridges using my Epson Stylus TX110.

Are you a long-time Epson printer user? Have you noticed the same drop in the number of outputs? Do you notice how fast the ink cartridges fall to its empty levels after applying a printer head cleaning round? What’s your insight?

Epson needs to know because buying ink cartridges is no joke.

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