Bump Key: Thieves No. 1 Weapon

FilCon Bump Key 2Now that you’ve watched the video (made in 2008!), you’d probably wonder if this technique has already reached our shores. So how do you protect yourself from this and unwanted visitors?
First there are no easy answers to this except to say that you need to buy more expensive locks. We’ve checked sulit.com.ph and we didn’t find any seller to be engaging in this kind of business selling special keys that would open doors of your homes.
We would be engaging City Hall Government and even law enforcers to inform them of this very special danger that may already be lurking in our communities. Laws that would impose harsher punishment for individuals peddling and/or engaging in this type of activity. Similar to laws in the United States, which the government has enforced to this type of technique to access locked doors. Their law states that only authorized locksmiths can be provided necessary tools to help distressed homes that are in emergency need of accessing doors locked from the inside.
We will keep you posted as we develop this story.
Consumer, you have been warned po.

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