Explore the Sweet Baby Diaper

While browsing the diaper section in Robinsons Supermarket, I noticed this Sweet Baby Explore diaper that is new for me. The first thing that caught my attention is that, it’s cheaper compared to EQ, which I always buy since I had my firstborn.

I was a little unsure but because I’m up for trying something new, I bought a pack of twelve.

I tried it on my son during the day and his nighttime sleep. And here are the things I like about it:

  1. The bikini cut feature. My son seems to be more comfortable with it even though he moves a lot around plus it’s easier to put it on him.
  2. Its cloth-like cover. Unlike other diapers of the same prize, this one surprised me because of the quality material it offers.
  3. The core material stays intact and unlike the others, it didn’t turn into chunks of gel despite heavy wetness.

The only disadvantage of this Sweet Baby Explore is its plastic tape on the front. It sticks well but I prefer the Velcro type. Other than that, this one is a keeper.

If you are looking for a quality but competitive diaper for your baby, this one is perfect for budget-conscious moms like me.


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One thought on “Explore the Sweet Baby Diaper

  1. H! I’ve been using Sweetbaby diapers when my second son was born wayback 2012..now, i have my third (luckily, a girl) she’s turning 2mos, & i’ve already switched to Sweetbaby diapers..so far, hiyang naman siya and proven ko na po ang quality nya..very affordable pah..60pesos sa isang dosena, mkkatipid ka talaga..satisfied dn ako sa quality nya kasi it’s cotton..na notice ko lang po na yung sizes na large at XL ay parang the same lang..pansin niyo dn po ba un? Nvrthless, i love this diaper brand!!


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