USFAA: PH, Time to 'Go West'

The United States Federal Aviation Administration (USFAA) or the regulating body of the US Government, which provides training, licensing, providing research and data, and even certifying foreign carriers that commercially flies inside the United States, just gave Philippine carriers the green signal to fly travelers within the United States or to code share with American air carriers in the country. It would be remembered that the US agency stripped the country of its status in 2008 because of the need to modernize and update regulations and directives of our concerned counterpart agency in The Philippines in light of global terrorism threats.

The news is really something to smile about
The news is really something to smile about

America projected that there will be more than 7 million Asian tourists going to the US in 2011. The Philippines would at least contribute 250,000 Filipino-travelers to this region knowing there are a lot of affinity between families and culture that these two nations share. Filipinos are known to travel the USĀ  during our summer months and Christmas seasons. Economically, this will give American and Filipino businessmen ease of access into each others’ territories making it more comfortable to do trade and benefit from each others eager tourists.

Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific will scramble their operations and marketing teams to get more flights into the United States as fast as possible while Summer season is here. A permit that will be lucrative both for Filipinos who have ties to the 3.5 Million Filipinos living in the US and vice versa. Operationally, this will mean less hassles for travelers who have a hard time connecting flights within the fifty US states and less charges from travel agencies who charge extra for finding connecting flights for passengers traveling further from the West Coast.


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