Using your debit card has never been so uncomfortable especially when you are asked to check the balance of your account.

Why is my complaint a big deal? Because it is persona, it is unsecured, and also it shows distrust by the retailer.
It is personal because any financial balance you have in your debit card that is connected to your bank account that cannot be shown to other strangers and in this case the cashier. It is also unsecured because you have to put in your pin number and anybody can see the pin you are inputting in the payment gateway system.
It shows distrust because the cashier is like saying you do not have the capacity to pay for what you are buying.
I asked for the manager the reason behind the checking of the balance and I was told that their system was not stable and that the double checking would ensure that there will be no double charging from the customer’s bank account, however at any time the system could fail at any points the cashier swipes your card to check the balance or to make the transaction.
Never will there be any problem of double charging if the cashier would not be paying attention to the work at hand and I felt that the reason was wanting.
If the reason is that because the payment gateway that processes the transaction has a weak communication system then the financial institution should address the problem for the benefit of ver vendor and their customers.
This problem should be addressed immediately otherwise we will have a case wherein people would use their debit cards less and less because of the hassle and discomfort the way retailers are engaging their customers.
On the other hand debit cards are the most unsafe methods to be paying your purchases. Why? We will discuss that in the next blogs to come.

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