Tokyo Tokyo’s Wagyu Burger is So Good!

You go out to a mall for lunch and you’re running out of ideas where to eat. What to do?

Try Tokyo Tokyo. They are the ones that made Red Iced Tea a success in the fastfood business, the ones that introduced the Japanese word ‘Bento Box‘, the ones that basically told us that eating Japanese can be fun and affordable.

I’ll try the rising sun next. Looks promising.

Here comes Wagyu Burger…Wagyu Cheeseburger to be exact.

For only PhP160, you can already experience a different type of burger that no other fastfood joints can give — Wagyu Beef.

Wagyu Beef is basically the softest, tastiest, most desirable quality beef from Japan. The word Wagyu is literally “Japanese Cow” and it’s a special breed of cow. So special that it’s expensive and you can see why Tokyo Tokyo is jumping at this chance to offer a different kind of meal.

I had to take a second bite because I couldn’t believe the incredible taste I just had. Wow.

The difference is the flavor and you immediately notice it as soon as you take a bite. Flavor just oozes and the juice is unforgivable. It doesn’t apologize for the fact that it can give the burger-beef-loving market another choice of burger to love.

I will say that the price is a suspect considering it is only PhP160.00 but the size compensates for its cost because it’s not as big as McDonald’s and Jollibee’s burger. There’s a tad difference but the burger is thick, tender, and very juicy.

For a meal it’s just PhP220 that includes a drink and a choice of either Potato Balls, Onion Rings, or their signature Nori Wasabi Fries. So come on over and try it because you deserve not just something different but value for your money.

FILIPINO CONSUMER TIP: I bought a Coffee Jelly dessert and aside from the creamy texture of the pudding on top of the coffee jelo, the whole experience was good for the price it offered.

TIPS FOR TOKYO TOKYO: While the product is good, the presentation is not. In your location in SM City Sta. Mesa, the burger was presented in a Bento Box and the ‘gaping hole’ from one of the containers in that box has nothing in it. It would’ve been nice if there’s a miso soup or BBQ chips or even some side salad to go with the whole presentation. It would’ve been more forgivable if the Potato Balls were big but they’re not as big and the plate looks empty.

Yup. This one is pale. It would’ve been good if the bread went to a grill.

Another one I noticed is that the bottom side of the bun is cold. That was a disappointment. You can tell a bun that went into a grill but this one didn’t.

Lastly, the cheese. The cheese can look better with the melted burger patty so let’s do something about that shall we?

By the way, another disappointment is the website. I tried looking for more details about your Wagyu Burger but there’s not a hint of this new treat. If you want constructive advice on how to make your digital space more effective try Kuwadro Digital. More power guys!

Mostly in SM City Malls all over the country

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