Arlington Memorial Chapels, Gave My Uncle the Dignity He Deserves

My uncle recently passed away and here are points that impressed me when they did his cremation service:

Parking and Valet — I never tried their valet service but their parking is free and open if you come over before 5 PM. After that, just pay PhP100 flat rate and they’ll take care of your car.

20171126_0705351019931166.jpgLobby — It’s wide and has that five-star hotel appeal. The receptionists are very professional and never once did they make me feel that I am getting in their way or they have no time for me. They’re very accommodating and always on-hand to help you. Around the lobby area are the restrooms and the administration office where you can basically ask all the questions you may have regarding your loved ones’ situation.

20171123_1659121667228223.jpgThe Chapel — We were given the Solace 1 chapel which was conveniently located meters away from the lobby area. The Chapel is not the biggest but it can sit fifty to 80 guests comfortably with their cushioned, stackable chairs and living room set that can help you. The room has a pantry that has a phone, cabinets, a sink, and a working area for food preparation. There’s also the bathroom that has one toilet and sink.

The Crematorium and their final program — Like a small chapel but without the religious symbols. The crematorium houses the cremator that cremates the body that will be placed in an urn or the chosen medium that will house the body’s remnants. The program they provide is also impressive because in 30 minutes you can feel that they provide the effort to condole with the bereaved. The host they provide has what you need to feel and say goodbye to your loved ones before they are taken away for cremation. They show every detail as to what one should say to a dearly beloved until the time they show where the body will be placed including the box that will cover the body going inside the cremator.

Service — The speed and professionalism of the staff can be felt and seen. When they say that the service will all just be for two hours, it’s only for two hours. When they say, they’ll bring in water for the guests, they’ll bring water for the guests. You can feel that they are sensitive to the needs of the guests and takes no time away from making it better for you.

Arlington is the perfect place for a dearly beloved one that you want to salute with honor or a supportive place for some people that want all the assistance they need because of the stress they go through at this time of grief. Arlington is a highly recommended place and I cannot say more about what they have done for my uncle and what more they can do for you in the time of need.

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