Beautiful Toy Kingdom, Ugly Sales Tactics

Find out what a sales representative told me while I was canvassing for a perfect toy I want to give my child and how this could be the start of something bad for the retail industry in stores we shop in for our kids.

Epson Having Problems With Ink Supply?

Epson knows their business in imaging is one of the best in the industry but what happens if that very purpose ceases to produce the very nature it's supposed to do? The consumer wants to know and we hope Epson reads this.

Toys R Us Signboard: Signs of the Times?

Not my pet peeve but this signboard become one when I realized something was amiss in what it represents. Judge my thoughts as I tell Toys R Us, Robinsons Department Store its consequence.

Shakey's: Tragedy While Using 'Supercard'

A privilege that quickly turned into a nightmare: What restaurants and other businesses are missing just because they are offering discount cards. Read more and find out.

A Tribute: Paul Walker's Filipino Heart

Started as a kid in the TV hit series Highway To Heaven, he supported Filipino survivors of the Typhoon Haiyan and made his mark in Hollywood as someone who gives hope to many as a man.