Virginia Hotdogs: Tender, Juicy, Tasty

A little-known hotdog brand from Cebu is about to pull the rug underneath the more popular Purefoods Hotdogs brand. Can kids really tell the better brand apart from Purefoods? The hotdog giant may have finally met its match.

I won my Case Versus a Service Provider

Have you tried bringing up a case against a manufacturer or a service provider but think it's not all worth the fight? See how much I won and see how you can help protect yourself from such service providers.

Blink: My First Digital Marketing Seminar

Have you ever won any lottery? I haven't but that was my feeling after attending BLINK: Great Ideas Worth Executing these past two days and if you are someone who is curious what Digital Marketing is all about then read on 'cause this is for you!

Microsoft Ultrabook: A 'Surface' to 'Air' Missile?

What's on your Christmas shopping list? In case you haven't heard, Microsoft unveiled a new tablet that I think will be very irresistible to Filipino PC-users who dominate the market today. Read more and find out why.

Huawei 3G tablets have landed!

Just when I thought I got the best tablet in town when Huawei just dropped in – albeit a week later after I bought my 7" plus Samsung Galaxy tab – to launch its best 7-inch tablet to challenge Samsung Galaxy’s 7.0 Plus tablet. This is not the touted iPad challenger but at only Php19,990 … Continue reading Huawei 3G tablets have landed!