Meralco Blinks on Billing Deposits

Meralco's post on Facebook sends a message that they're bowing down to pressures - not from politicians - coming from consumers who have made known their feelings about this Billing Deposit that came out of nowhere.

Meralco's Billing Deposit: Potential Headache for Condo Owners

We're not bearer of bad news but if you're a unit owner and you're paying your utilities to your Housing Association instead of Meralco then you need to read this. We're also offering solution to this unwanted mess called Billing Deposit courtesy of Meralco.

Explained: What Meralco Billing Deposit is

Here's what Billing Deposit is as explained to me directly by a Meralco New Accounts representative in a Business Center near my place. This will clear what it is and what the term is not. Be informed. Be Better Consumers.

Coco Quench is no Coconut Drink

New In The Market accidentally got hold of this new Pepsi Cola product, Tropicana Coco Quench, and because of its taste, it decided to come up with a short review of what customers should expect of it. Here's what it has to say about it.

Microsoft Ultrabook: A 'Surface' to 'Air' Missile?

What's on your Christmas shopping list? In case you haven't heard, Microsoft unveiled a new tablet that I think will be very irresistible to Filipino PC-users who dominate the market today. Read more and find out why.

Wireless N Answers my Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Problem

And so my problem was solved as soon as I replaced our Wireless G router with the (new) Wireless N router to connect our Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus to our home network. I bought the D-Link brand (DI-600) that replaced our old D-Link (DI-524) Wireless G router. The difference between the two, I was … Continue reading Wireless N Answers my Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Problem

Look what I got From Super 8 Today!

I never felt so rewarded unlike other supermarket places where all you get are points that’s deposited in your card. What’s so cool about that? Super 8 has that too and more! It has a VISA logo on it, which I can use to purchase items OUTSIDE their store. So who’s the winner? Me! Anyway, … Continue reading Look what I got From Super 8 Today!

What is Halal?

Halal is the dietary law implemented in the Muslim faith of Islam. You see this word Halal or it's symbol/logo in some food products you buy from your favorite supermarket or grocery. For a food item to be Halal, it has to go through a strict process of quality control, making sure it is not … Continue reading What is Halal?

2012 Starbucks Planner 'Insides' Revealed!

Starbucks unveiled their 2012 Planner on Thursday, November 3 to brand-thirsty followers of the coffee fame. Since 2005, the planner has helped increase brand-acceptance and awareness with its holiday 'gift' and this time people are once again noticing. We're giving you a peek of what this planner looks like from the inside and help you … Continue reading 2012 Starbucks Planner 'Insides' Revealed!