Cheese That's More than O.K.

Eden Cheese leads this category but a lesser-known cheese is surprisingly more flavorful and packs some punch. No joke. This pick has what it takes to beat other known cheese brands. Who knew! Read more here.

It's a Date, Chocolate!

Check out this new candy bar that has got me hooked and dancing "Happy". The best part is that it's new, it's colorful, and it's all made inside a... C'mon and find out where here!

Hey Mister, try Some new Donuts!

New things are coming to your favorite donut shop so read more why we think business is more than just about new products and a new face to make your brand stand out

New Cakes from Goldilocks?

Goldilocks known for its traditional, boring cakes whips up this fondant creation to make heads turn and it did make me notice it.

Happy Meal Box Makes a Comeback

For parents who want to give their child something to smile about, why is McDonald's Happy Meal such a big deal?

What Happened to Sandwich Guy?

Is the Sandwich Guy of yesterday no more? It was a disappointing experience for me after me and my family ate at their branch in SM Megamall. Here's what happened and why.

Virginia Hotdogs: Tender, Juicy, Tasty

A little-known hotdog brand from Cebu is about to pull the rug underneath the more popular Purefoods Hotdogs brand. Can kids really tell the better brand apart from Purefoods? The hotdog giant may have finally met its match.

I won my Case Versus a Service Provider

Have you tried bringing up a case against a manufacturer or a service provider but think it's not all worth the fight? See how much I won and see how you can help protect yourself from such service providers.

Lucky Me Tries to be Salt-Free

...or at least they're trying to contribute to healthy-eating. The famous noodle brand has added LITE they will perhaps do for the rest of their products. But this promising new product has hit a snag. Why? Read more.