Virginia Hotdogs: Tender, Juicy, Tasty

A little-known hotdog brand from Cebu is about to pull the rug underneath the more popular Purefoods Hotdogs brand. Can kids really tell the better brand apart from Purefoods? The hotdog giant may have finally met its match.

I won my Case Versus a Service Provider

Have you tried bringing up a case against a manufacturer or a service provider but think it's not all worth the fight? See how much I won and see how you can help protect yourself from such service providers.

Lucky Me Tries to be Salt-Free

...or at least they're trying to contribute to healthy-eating. The famous noodle brand has added LITE they will perhaps do for the rest of their products. But this promising new product has hit a snag. Why? Read more.

Lea and Perrins TVC Schedule

You won’t be reading this post unless you’re really interested in watching the Lea and Perrins TV commercial Malou and I got casted in. The commercial started airing Monday, March 18 and I’m taking out the guess work and if you want to catch it on television, here’s the remaining airing schedule in your favorite … Continue reading Lea and Perrins TVC Schedule

Hey, Mister That's not a Donut!

Except for their excellent coffee, I don't know what the management of Mister Donut is doing with their donuts. Krispy Kreme has taken over the market of Gonuts Donuts and Dunkin' Donuts has created more noise to thwart whatever effort the American donut company is doing to the mindsets of Filipinos and Mister Donut is … Continue reading Hey, Mister That's not a Donut!

The new-Sweet Thing From Skyflakes

Skyflakes just released their new product in the market called Condensada flavor. It doesn’t stop there. The sugary milk they used for this product - if you can recognize it - Carnation Milk. Isn't that a treat? This is their next offering after they release Skyflakes Cheese three months ago. I’m excited to try out … Continue reading The new-Sweet Thing From Skyflakes

Nestea's Packaging: Wanting

It is said that there's always one constant thing that takes place anywhere and that is "change," however, for Nestea's new packaging I hope change happens one more time. I'm all for change but I don't think this is the right way to go. It looks pale and powerless unlike its predecessor, which contains vibrant … Continue reading Nestea's Packaging: Wanting