Beautiful Toy Kingdom, Ugly Sales Tactics

Find out what a sales representative told me while I was canvassing for a perfect toy I want to give my child and how this could be the start of something bad for the retail industry in stores we shop in for our kids.

Kiddie Summer Fun at McDonalds

A fun-filled activity to explore this summer at your kid's favorite food place learning valuable social skills, meeting new friends, and more. Check this post today for more details.

Petron, Porsche, 'Priceless' Collectibles

Take a gallery look at one of the Porsche cars I got from Petron today. I felt like a kid in a candy store again and I want to share one of their five latest Limited Edition Petron Collectibles.

Biggest S&R Store Opens in Mandaluyong

Now in Mandaluyong! The biggest membership shopping destination in the Philippines is opening its 9th store at the shopping district of Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong. Map included.