Under 13 Mins: Google Glass Explained

Google Glass came out with another Explorer (ie. experimental) version of its form factor and we're sharing how it works from a first-person's view. Tim Schofield helps us as he demonstrates this much awaited, cool gadget.

Five Reasons Apple CarPlay may not Work in the Philippines

No doubt that it's exciting to have this new toy in my car but has Apple really thought about the universal use of their latest offering? Read how this may or may not work in our setting here in The Philippines.

Epson: Long on Sucess but Short On…

I've been using Epson since the turn of the century with my trusted Epson Photo Stylus printer in the late 90s. I love the brand but there are questions I would like to ask you if you're an Epson printer user that you should need to observe today.

GrabTaxi Seizes 'Apportunity'

Hailing cabs should be easy, worry-free, and hassle-free that spells fun. Learn more about what GrabTaxi is all about and take advantage of this new technology that's making more Taxi operators and drivers happy.

2013 Christmas ads Album you may Want to Watch

Christmas is just around the corner and here are some festive commercials companies made to give us good cheer or tears depending on what you're watching. My favorite ones are Chevrolet and Joe Boxer. Filipino brands like Jollibee and Kraft Eden Cheese went for nostalgic ads — I don't know why we always love to … Continue reading 2013 Christmas ads Album you may Want to Watch

San Miguel Goes Mobile in 2014

Smart owns 70% of the market, Globe possess the rest so would a third player make life easier for the market? Or it would just be part of the muddle that won't even improve our services. San Miguel seems to know something that Smart and Globe doesn't.

Is Candy Crush Saga Cheating me?

The trending Game App today since Angry Birds fame is going to get lame if developers don't get their act together and fix it unless they really want the blame.