Instagram Sneakers Coming Soon?

It seems that way and Adidas is creating that buzz with a new product they'll release in months time this year. Find out what this new product is all about and why Instagram is a willing party to this innovation.

Explore the Sweet Baby Diaper

While browsing the diaper section in Robinsons Supermarket, I noticed this Sweet Baby Explore diaper that is new for me. The first thing that caught my attention is that, it’s cheaper compared to EQ, which I always buy since I had my firstborn. I was a little unsure but because I’m up for trying something … Continue reading Explore the Sweet Baby Diaper

Biggest S&R Store Opens in Mandaluyong

Now in Mandaluyong! The biggest membership shopping destination in the Philippines is opening its 9th store at the shopping district of Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong. Map included.

Lucky Me Tries to be Salt-Free

...or at least they're trying to contribute to healthy-eating. The famous noodle brand has added LITE they will perhaps do for the rest of their products. But this promising new product has hit a snag. Why? Read more.

Coco Quench is no Coconut Drink

New In The Market accidentally got hold of this new Pepsi Cola product, Tropicana Coco Quench, and because of its taste, it decided to come up with a short review of what customers should expect of it. Here's what it has to say about it.

Nestle's Kimy is a 'Fakey'

We're all duped into believing that products say what they actually are but little did we know that some of them carelessly tell the truth. If you're confused, check out what New In The Market found out about one of Nestlé Ice Cream's products.