Analysis: Filipinos, Facebook, and Fantasy

I'm an Android smartphone user and I enjoy so many available apps on the Play Store but there's only problem, missing functions that are available only on Apple. This gave birth to a thought I want to share and see if you feel the same. Read more.

Coming Soon: Wireless Electricity for Your Home

Find out how this new technology, that will hopefully be up and available in several years, be used in our country. Filipino engineers, are you reading? I know this is something we do in our country, just watch.

Hey Mister, try Some new Donuts!

New things are coming to your favorite donut shop so read more why we think business is more than just about new products and a new face to make your brand stand out

What Selfiest City Means To The World of Social Media

Put aside this distinction and for one minute imagine what this latest data means to our growing country that needs more jobs, more consumption, and more entrepreneurs. It's mind blowing the promise of five years down the road. Read more.

Philippines is Selfiest Nation in the World

You read that right. We're not just the 'Selfiest City in the World' but based on Time Magazine's research, our nation bagged the title hook, line, and sinker. Read more here what missed to show.

Mang Juan’s Krispy Liempo versus Marty’s Baconette Strips

Who reigns supreme in the pork-flavored junk food category? Let's get it on! Just for fun, we'll munch, crunch, and analyze, which junk food is right for your fit body.

'Priviledged' to be a Shakey's SuperCard Holder

One of the few loyalty cards that fit my needs. It not only grows points, which I can use as cash to purchase deals, it also grows the number of pizza-lovin' friends I make. It's a win-win situation!

Kopiko CaféBlanco Goes Against 'Great Taste White Coffee'

It's Christmas, it's cold, and it's good to have more coffee choices to keep warm. Here's our verdict to Kopiko's new product offering versus Great Taste's pride and joy. Let the White Coffeemix battle begin!

Kopiko Launches White Coffee, CafeBlanca

New In The Market shows off new 3-in-1 coffee mix beverage by Pt Torabika Eka Semesta of Indonesia. Will this outdo Great Taste White Coffee, which is hogging this segment today? Read more and find out.

2013 Christmas ads Album you may Want to Watch

Christmas is just around the corner and here are some festive commercials companies made to give us good cheer or tears depending on what you're watching. My favorite ones are Chevrolet and Joe Boxer. Filipino brands like Jollibee and Kraft Eden Cheese went for nostalgic ads — I don't know why we always love to … Continue reading 2013 Christmas ads Album you may Want to Watch