San Miguel Goes Mobile in 2014

Smart owns 70% of the market, Globe possess the rest so would a third player make life easier for the market? Or it would just be part of the muddle that won't even improve our services. San Miguel seems to know something that Smart and Globe doesn't.

Is Candy Crush Saga Cheating me?

The trending Game App today since Angry Birds fame is going to get lame if developers don't get their act together and fix it unless they really want the blame.

Blink: My First Digital Marketing Seminar

Have you ever won any lottery? I haven't but that was my feeling after attending BLINK: Great Ideas Worth Executing these past two days and if you are someone who is curious what Digital Marketing is all about then read on 'cause this is for you!

Facebook Graph Search and The Filipinos

We're weighing in on this new Facebook Graph Search because as the eighth nation in the number of users of this social network, we'll gauge and see how culture will play a part in the success of this new product they launched.

Microsoft Ultrabook: A 'Surface' to 'Air' Missile?

What's on your Christmas shopping list? In case you haven't heard, Microsoft unveiled a new tablet that I think will be very irresistible to Filipino PC-users who dominate the market today. Read more and find out why.

Five Reasons why I Chose Samsung, Huawei over Apple’s iPad

Thinking about buying the latest iPad? Are you thinking twice? Rumors have it that an iPhone 5 is coming out in September. Why suffer anxiety? It's not worth it and feel guilty at the same time. Gadgets are supposed to operate life easier (if not complicated!) and getting one should not be complicated - if … Continue reading Five Reasons why I Chose Samsung, Huawei over Apple’s iPad

Huawei 3G tablets have landed!

Just when I thought I got the best tablet in town when Huawei just dropped in – albeit a week later after I bought my 7" plus Samsung Galaxy tab – to launch its best 7-inch tablet to challenge Samsung Galaxy’s 7.0 Plus tablet. This is not the touted iPad challenger but at only Php19,990 … Continue reading Huawei 3G tablets have landed!

Could a Wireless N router fix my Galaxy Tab-internet problem?

Could a Wireless N router fix all my connection problems my Galaxy Tab (v. 7.0 Plus) is experiencing? It seems weird but that's what technicians at the Samsung Service Center in SM Megamall are pointing to. Here's my home Setup while experiencing this problem: - (2008) D-Link Wireless G router - My setting: WPA-PSK mode … Continue reading Could a Wireless N router fix my Galaxy Tab-internet problem?