12 Notable Facts: EU, USFAA's Actions to PH

What do the actions of EU and The United States mean to our country? What did they recognize? What agency was all behind this? We scoured the web and found twelve facts that will paint a picture of our nation's future.

Philippines is Selfiest Nation in the World

You read that right. We're not just the 'Selfiest City in the World' but based on Time Magazine's research, our nation bagged the title hook, line, and sinker. Read more here what time.com missed to show.

Virginia Hotdogs: Tender, Juicy, Tasty

A little-known hotdog brand from Cebu is about to pull the rug underneath the more popular Purefoods Hotdogs brand. Can kids really tell the better brand apart from Purefoods? The hotdog giant may have finally met its match.