Coco Quench is no Coconut Drink

New In The Market accidentally got hold of this new Pepsi Cola product, Tropicana Coco Quench, and because of its taste, it decided to come up with a short review of what customers should expect of it. Here's what it has to say about it.

Tang's New Adventure

Have you seen or tasted this? Tang recently came out with three different flavors. These are actually Tang products that came out about three months ago but it's worth documenting because of their attempt to woo more kiddie customers to like their brand. How is this gonna be different with their current Tang products when … Continue reading Tang's New Adventure

New Packaging: Tang Iced Tea

Orange Powdered Juice Beverage leader, Tang, recently released their new packaging - not for their juice brands - for their iced tea drink. This is not a new product since they released this variant about a year or two ago. The look and feel doesn't make much of a difference as Nestea already dominates this … Continue reading New Packaging: Tang Iced Tea