A ‘Solution’ to Save More on Lens Cleaners

Why spend more for contact lens cleaning solutions when you have alternatives that will put more money in your pocket, grow the local business industry, and does the same thing as those imported ones? Find out more here.

Meralco Announces Staggered Payment of Utilities This December BUT…

Paying your Meralco bill in staggered basis is something to be happy about but the problem is we're still paying it — not just now. So why pay in January and months after? Save now and learn how, here!

10+ Ways to Reduce Cost of Electricity Bills

These are tips I learned over time. It's practical and easy, however, it also requires some effort. Whatever it is, this is an opportunity to put more money in your pockets today for better use tomorrow.

Three Energy-Saving Tips you can do

BE BETTER CONSUMERS and do these practical suggestions (and TIPS!) that will help you save more money on electricity. It's not the ULTIMATE list of hints BUT it's something easy and you can do. GET the HABIT of UNPLUGGING UNUSED appliances in your home. TIP: INVEST in power strips to help you turn off unused … Continue reading Three Energy-Saving Tips you can do