SM, Puregold: Big is Beautiful?

Puregold and SM Supermarkets are getting bigger and bigger each year, fighting for position and dominance. The latter's partnership with Walter Mart will potentially protract the battle for consumer supremacy but is that what we need?

Super 8 to end VISA Privileges?

What is this news that Super 8 will take away the VISA privileges of their card? We got wind of the news of this change that will start in July. We enumerate the changes and tell you what we think of this sad - if true - development.

Look what I got From Super 8 Today!

I never felt so rewarded unlike other supermarket places where all you get are points that’s deposited in your card. What’s so cool about that? Super 8 has that too and more! It has a VISA logo on it, which I can use to purchase items OUTSIDE their store. So who’s the winner? Me! Anyway, … Continue reading Look what I got From Super 8 Today!